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Possibility Thinking... are you a game changer?

November 6, 2015

People who think of the possibilities are capable of accomplishing tasks that seem unattainable because they believe in the success of the outcome. When we believe we can do what others have said is impossible and we succeed in the task, many doors will then open for us. Thinking the impossible will attract others to you that also think of the impossible. These kinds of people make things happen, they do not just sit around waiting until someone else comes up with the new idea. This happens because possibility thinking is contagious. You can't help but become more confident and think bigger when you are around possibility thinkers.


No matter what your profession, thinking of the possibilities can help open doors for you that may have been closed for years. Professor David J. Schwartz believes, "Big thinkers are specialists in creating positive forward-looking, optimistic pictures in their own minds and in the minds of others." If you think in this way, your dreams will go from molehill to mountain size and with your new way of thinking you put yourself in a place where you can attain them, because where the mind goes the man follows.


This type of thinking gives us a renewed energy. Just as giving improves our inner man so does possibility thinking. We start seeing ourselves doing what we have always dreamed of. Therefore the dream becomes a reality, when we do not give up and keep a positive mind-set. Every time you remove impossible from your list, you raise your potential from average to off the score board. Anyone can just get by but it takes a possibility thinker to really reach the unattainable in life.


If you are a positive thinker than you understand this article but there are others that just are on the negative side, this is their personality. Sometimes negative thinkers believe that being optimistic is naive and foolish. I wonder just how many highly successful people do you know who are continually negative? The answer none, people with an "it can't be done" attitude have two choices in life. They can expect the worst and continually experience it or they can change their thinking. You can choose a positive or negative life, the choice is yours!


Stop yourself from searching for and dwelling on what's wrong with the situation. If you are negative by nature then you may have to work on this. When you start listing all the reasons that a situation will not work or cannot be done, stop yourself and say "Don't go that way" it is that simple. Then start saying "what is right about this situation?" If you still have the negative thought, then try finding a positive friend that you can call on to help in the hard times. No one knows everything and we can all use a friend that can encourage us from time to time.


Think Big, most people dream too small. When you dream it is better to dream big and get some of it than to not dream at all and get all of it, which is nothing. Change and dreams mean going against the grain. If you want greater possibilities, you can't settle for what you have now, reach forward. Many will tell you to just give up, you are either too old or too young, not smart enough, the list goes on. However, achievers refuse to go with the flow, they will change with the times and find new ways of doing the same old thing.


Never be afraid of possibility thinking! I know some do not embrace this type of thinking, the will to succeed, belief in yourself, faith, whatever you want to call it, it really works! People who believe they can't, won't. However, if you can think it, you can achieve it! That is the power of thinking of possibilities in your life, give it a try you might be surprised in what you can do!



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