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Website design for MHK Parks & Rec

January 2, 2016



Active. Bright. Captivating. Interactive. Those were the design goals for the new Manhattan Parks and Rec website.


The website was originally part of the City of Manhattan website which is reflective of the typical city government design and structure. Through analytics it was proven that more than 50 percent of the site traffic was clicking through to parks and recreation services. A typical visitor had to complete three clicks to get to the target landing page. The visitor then had an additional three clicks to arrive at their destination. Overall visitor satisfaction was mediocre and most agreed that it was what they expected for a government website.


As the lead on the new design I outlined five top objectives based on focus group results.

1. Specific website and URL for parks and rec.

2. Simple navigation with mobile-friendly users as top visitors in mind.

3. Bright and action-based creatives that are captivating.

4. Interactive opportunities for service users.

5. Three clicks or less for site visitors to reach their destination.


Engaging a top government website design company, CivicPlus, was essential in the successful creation, launch and maintenance of the new site. The city's site is designed and maintained by CivicPlus so the partnership was established.


A strategic and targeted marketing campaign was created to launch the new site. Metrics were set and analytics allowed me to track the highest traffic areas and modify site navigation in the initial 60 days. A second strategy to drive traffic resulted in a 65 percent increase in site use in the following 30 day period.


Benchmarks were established and marketing strategies were adjusted and evaluated each quarter the first year. Annual traffic increased significantly and overall user satisfaction showed the new site exceeded expectations.



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