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15 things to do when you’re stuck home during the ice storm

January 13, 2017

15 things to do when you’re stuck home during the ice storm


So I’ve already braved the nearby grocery store to stock up on the essentials and snacks to make it through the weekend’s predicted “ice storm.” Flashlights have new batteries and blankets are freshened up in case we lose power. Power packs are charged up for cell phone recharging just in case. Next up is creating a plan to entertain a house full of potentially bored people.


Of course there’s the traditional board games, jigsaw puzzles and charades. But we are talking about two or three days of being homebound so here’s my idea list to draw from. Actually I’m pretty excited about being “stuck home” now!


1. Create a scavenger hunt list. Send them in teams if you have younger kids. I pulled out the container of plastic eggs from Easter and put one small piece of candy in each one. Let the kids create a scavenger hunt for the parents!





2. Set up for a sleepover. Take over one room in the house and pull out the sleeping bags and pillows. Buy a bag of pre-popped popcorn to share while you read a campfire story.


3. Manicure and pedicure night! Kids love this activity but I’m always saying no because of the time needed to get this all out and then cleaned up. This weekend is a perfect time!


4. Create scrapbook pages. I have tons of scrapbooking papers, scraps, embellishments and photos that could be used. Go all out and have a photo shoot and then print the pics on your home printer to commemorate your day. Use crazy hats and costumes, do each other’s hair and makeup and set up a backdrop. Hand the kids the camera and let them take pics of mom and dad from their perspective.


5. Make paper airplanes and have races across the house. How long does it take you and how many throws to get your airplane down the hallway? Or use a hoolahoop and see who can fly their airplane into the middle or get the closest.




6. Hit the local dollar store or craft store and pick up clearance aisle Christmas crafts and gingerbread houses.


7. Learn how to fold origami with your older kids.



8. Cut snowflakes and decorate the house with them. Hang them from the ceiling to create a fun effect.



9. Learn how to cut paperdolls with your older kids.




10. Pull out the blankets and create a giant fort complete with rooms.


11. Put together and indoor picnic and eat it in your fort!


12. Use tube-shaped pasta noodles to make necklaces with yarn.


13. Get out the energy by creating an indoor obstacle course using mixing bowls for cones and pillows to jump over.



14. Play leap frog on lily pads by arranging wash cloths on the floor about a two feet apart for the young ones.


15. Make salt clay dough and build snowmen and snowwomen to represent each person in your family.





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