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Bullet Journal - Why You Need One #BuJo

March 2, 2017


     What is a bullet journal and why are they a hot trend?

     Simply put, it’s a blank notebook that is a collection of whatever you put in it.

     My bullet journal is my happy place devoid of negativity. It’s a place where I jot down quotes I love, something funny one of the kids said, my bucket list of places I want to go and things I’d like to do and goals for self-improvement. While I use different colors of gel pens and utilize fun shapes, I am definitely not an artist.

     A friend at work uses her bullet journal as a full-fledged organizer of projects, to-do lists, notes and appointments. She sketches and doodles fun designs. You should see how pretty her grocery list is!

     Sure, you could use an app on your phone or tablet. But honestly I look at a computer screen way too much and my bullet journal is a creative outlet for the long lost art of writing with a pen. I keep mine in my purse and commit to adding a few things each day. It’s a great stress reliever!

     What do you need to get started? Avoid analysis paralysis. You don’t need anything fancy just a blank notebook and something to write with. Check out ideas online if you are stuck getting started. Here are a few inspirations to get you journaling today!




10 ideas to inspire your bullet journal:

1. A gratitude list. Reserve five pages and add to the list daily to compile your top 100.


2. Bucket lists. Note Books you want to read or movies you’d like to see. List places you’d like to visit and things you’d like to do.


3. Gift ideas. Jot down something you saw that would make a great gift for a birthday, anniversary or a random act of kindness.


4. Quotes you love.


5. Tips. How to do something better or try a new approach.


6. Things that make you laugh. Jot down funny things your kids or spouse have said or done.


7. Goals you have for yourself. Plot exercise goals, new skills to learn and ideas on how to get more sleep.


8. Habit tracker. Log your daily intake of water or minutes you’ve walked.


9. Recipes. Record names of recipes you want to look up or write out the entire recipe!


10. Ten-minute tasks. Outline little things you could do that only take 10 minutes. Send a card to a friend for example.


A few shapes to work with:

Box - a box works well for checklists such as tasks to be done or things to do.

Triangle - a triangle can signify appointments or places to go. Color code them for different people in your home and fill them in once complete.

Dot - the dot is for things to be remembered. The book a friend recommended you read or the name of a new coffee you want to try.

Star - use the star next to any of the above shapes to call out urgency.


Check these out:



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