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Red, White and Blue Smoothie

June 19, 2017

June is National Dairy Month and to celebrate we've been enjoying the Red, White and Blue Smoothie at Sutton Central!


As a family we've been working hard to make healthier food and snack choices this summer. Like many families, we are on the go from one activity or camp to the next drop off/pick up. Running through the nearest drive-through fast food joint seems the easiest way to satisfy empty tummies on-the-go. Don't get me wrong, we still do that. We just do it less often when we plan ahead and put the plan in place.


The plan. Well, it's fairly simple. Menu planning on Sunday with a quick well-choreographed trip to the grocery store get's us started on the right foot. Yesterday I baked potatoes while I had the oven on for our dinner casserole. After the casserole was out of the oven, I threw in chicken breasts and thighs for another meal later this week (cool, shred, freeze and then thaw when needed.)


The Red, White and Blue Smoothie is the perfect (and easy!) satisfying snack. With essential nutrients like calcium, potassium and Vitamin A, plus protein to help build and repair muscle tissues, this smoothie is a great choice for an active family. Smoothies are a solution for out-the-door-in-a-hurry breakfasts for mom and dad. And they are a refreshing and cold treat for the kids after playing in the sprinkler.


How do you make it?  You don't really need a recipe for this four-ingredient powerhouse. Just a "guide."


Red, White and Blue Smoothie

1 banana, cut into 1/2-inch coins.

4 strawberries, cut into smaller pieces

8 blueberries

1/2-to-1-cup whole milk

Put your fruit in the blender and add enough milk to cover the fruit. The more milk you add, the more liquefied (drink with a straw) your smoothie will be. Go for less milk if you want a thicker (eat with a spoon) consistency. Continue pulsing until the fruit is completely blended to the consistency you desire. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

Apron Strings Tips: Chill your glass in the freezer and it keeps your smoothie chillin' longer.

Freeze your fruit in individual portion packets for quicker and colder enjoyment! 








Add a couple tablespoons of flavored yogurt for a thicker, smoother smoothie.




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