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Grill Organization Solution

July 3, 2017


Whether you’re a year-round griller (a guilty pleasure in our house) or only fire up the barbecue during the warmer months, it’s important to maintain an organized system for all of your necessary grilling utensils. 


If you have a propane grill, you likely have storage underneath the grill.  But if you’re like us, and many others, that space next to the propane tank goes unused and frankly gets a little gross.  For charcoal grillers, you need to find other space for your needed utensils.  Until recently, our grilling supplies were stuffed in kitchen drawers and cabinets, always in the way. 


We’ve discovered a new barbecue organization method that is easy to use, easy to access and gets the barbecue utensil clutter out of our kitchen: a 5-gallon bucket and tool pouch.  Stick the big items like spatula, tongs, foil and mitts in the middle of the bucket. Use the pouch on the outside for organizing skewers, thermometers and a spray bottle.


The bucket is easy to store in the garage or shed, and a breeze to transport all of your necessary tools together, including tailgating during fall football season. 


Basic Essentials:

Wide spatula (with can opener)

Spatula tongs (for flipping less-than-sturdy food)

Long tongs

Heavy-duty aluminum foil

Instant read meat thermometer

Flashlight or grill light

Sturdy wire brush (don’t skimp on quality!)

Basting brush

Mitts or gloves

Sharp knife dedicated to grilling foods

Your favorite barbecue sauce and seasoning



Wire grilling basket (great for fish, seafood, and even burgers)

Spray bottle with apple juice and Worcestershire sauce

Rib rack

Ceramic pizza stone


Cedar planks for grilling fish

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