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Is "laundry day" a reality?

April 18, 2018

I call Monday “Laundry Day.” For whatever reason, it makes me feel like that is a manageable task that can be accomplished in one day. It starts out on Sunday night. I have everyone bring their laundry to the laundry room. Good gravy seven people can generate a lot of laundry.


My husband and I settled on an “energy efficient” washer and dryer. I picked the pair with the biggest load capacity thinking that would save some time. Now we’re cookin’, right? Energy efficient and time efficient!


Monday morning rolls around. Hubby brings me a big cup of coffee before heading to work. I get the babies settled with some toys and head to make sense of the chaos. Whites in this pile, towels in that pile, darks over here and jeans in the hallway. Stuff that has to be air dried in the special basket. By the way, where did all my baskets go? I think the baskets ran away with the hangers to a tropical island beach and are relaxing with an icy concoction.


First load is in. I set the timer in the kitchen just in case I don’t hear the beautifully-melodic tone on the washer when the load is done. First load moved to the dryer and second load in. I’m on my second cup of coffee and feeling pretty good.


This, however; is where things generally get off track. That load in the dryer is ready to be folded/hung/put away. I promise myself, “I’ll just wait until the second load is dry and knock them both out at the same time.” And so goes the third load.


Aha! I have a solution!  I’ll just do a load of towels which can be folded by the middle child after school. For a moment, I feel like I’m back on track.


Now it’s already time to be thinking about dinner and evening activities so I talk myself into “just finishing tomorrow morning.” Laundry “day” is now going on day three.


I try not to stress about it. Some wise person once told me, “You’ll have time for cleaning when you get old.” I think that same person told me, “You’ll have time to sleep when you get old.” Getting old sounds pretty fabulous right now!


For some reason my piles have by now regenerated themselves. Three days times seven people means there are 21 new dirty outfits and about 12 new dirty towels to tackle. They can join the baskets full of clothes yet to be put away from Monday. I think to myself “That’s okay, the kids are just wearing the clean clothes right from the basket, what a time saver for me!”


Who am I kidding, right? Laundry “day” is really just a perpetual process. I love it though. The laundry room is the one place I can go to get away. For some reason, nobody likes to come in there. I’m considering making it more like a spa. I enjoy being a mom. Part of my mommy work is making sure my family has what they need, when they need it. Sure, I get frustrated when I am handed a cheerleading outfit at 10pm that is needed the next morning. But really, I’m thankful that I can do it. Every day.


Now I’m done with my coffee and am headed in to sort my piles and start the first load. I’m convinced I will get all eight loads washed, dried, hung, folded and put away TODAY! But if not, that’s okay too. There’s always tomorrow.

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